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Pippilotti Rist at the New Museum NYC

This fall and winter, Pippilotti Rist has filled the three main floors of the New Museum with her video installations. The extensive exhibition includes video art from the last thirty years of her acclaimed career. She is from Switzerland and represented by Luhring Augustine Gallery in NYC. Her gallery bio describes her opinion on arts’ task,  “to contribute …

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Family Guides at the Aldrich Contemporary

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is tucked away in a small town in Connecticut.  It was founded over 50 years ago by an influential art collector, Larry Aldrich. Even though this museum is located outside of a major cultural hub, it consistently exhibits ambitious contemporary art. Thus the historic building, quintessential main street, and quiet …

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Action Jackson

Jackson Pollock’s work is something to see in person! Encountering a reproduction is not the same experience. But still many people will say that a child could make this. It’s a common misunderstanding and that’s why the quiz, “Can You Tell The Difference Between Modern Art And Paintings By Toddlers?” is popular.  Before we figure out if …

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