My Parent and Art: Mark

photo by Marco Bicca

Here, I’m continuing my series of snapshot interviews on children who were raised by players in the art world (artists, curators, historians, critics, etc.). Mark is son of an amazing women, who has worked in sculpture, ballet, and marketing.   What’s your name? Mark Lettieri 2. What’s your current occupation? Guitarist, composer and producer 3. Where did …

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My Parent & Art: Harper


I’ve been told that if I am not careful then my children are going to grow up to be artists. This is just the case for this college student that was raised in a family that loves all forms of art. What’s your name? Harper Leigh Steinbach 2. What’s your current occupation? University Student, Arts school …

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The Frist & the Martin ArtQuest Gallery


My husband and son are headed to Nashville to watch the USA Soccer play this weekend. We visited the Frist in Nashville last fall and have so many good things to say about the children’s art studio! No matter what is in the other galleries, visit the Martin ArtQuest Gallery on the top floor. This large studio for …

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My Parent & Art: Kai

"Arcadia according to Claude with a view of Sellafield Power Station" by Kaori Homma

Since, I’m not the first artist (or art professional) to raise a child, I asked adult children of my colleagues seven short questions on what art was passed down to them. Read Kai’s responses below!   What’s your name? James Kai McLaughlin 2. What’s your current occupation? Bartlett Architecture Student 3. Where did you grow up? …

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About Two Squares by El Lissitzky


About Two Squares is a book for children by Russian artist El Lissitizky that was first published in a dense art journal called “De Stijl” in 1922. The book weaves together the rigor of Lissitizky’s studio art practice with the mode of a children’s picture book. Different than most children’s books, you can read this book and …

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Travel to Gee’s Bend


I had two things on my mind when we started this road trip a few weeks ago. First, I am raising three white boys in Alabama, and I wonder what they will grow up to think about race and power. Second, I am so loved. My partner-in-crime surprised us by arranging an adventure to see …

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My Parent and Art: Morgan


My children and I consume a lot of art together. As they grow up, I see glimpses of how sharing art together affects them. Since, I’m not the first artist (or art professional) to raise a child, I have begun asking adult children of my colleagues how experiencing art from a young age has impacted …

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I Don’t Want to See My Neighbors Anymore by Carlos Garaicoa


My 3 year old took off weaving through this installation. Even though most of the walls came up to his waist (at most his shoulders), he suddenly started wailing because he felt trapped between the Great Wall of China and the Berlin Wall.  “Yo no quiero ver mas a mis vecinos,” (I Don’t Want to See My Neighbors Anymore) is …

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Anish Kapoor


“One of the constants in the work of Anish Kapoor is the creation of openings on the crust of the world,” says Pier Luigi Tazzi (source). Earlier this week, I wrote about our experience of Anish Kapoor’s artwork “Aima.” His whirlpool “Descension” is in Brooklyn Bridge Park all summer. Below are more moments of descension and ascension the …

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Anish Kapoor at Castello di Ama


In 2004, Anish Kapoor opened up the floor of this chapel at Castello di Ama. I visited it last summer with my husband and two preschool aged boys. I’ve been writing about our trip for a while, including my experience touring this art collection and winery. Walking into the oldest chapel in the village, there is …

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