Tips for Taking Children to an Art Park


Autumn is a great time to visit art parks! You can catch the seasons changing while exploring new art installations. But dragging your children to see art can be stressful. I wrote my top seven tips for taking children to an art park on Alexandra’s website ArtTrav. She writes about art and travel as an expat in Italy. Her site …

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Making Art for Kids: JR in Paris


JR is an artist who started by working on the streets. His first project to hit the headlines was in 2006, when he pasted huge portraits of “thugs” in the bourgeois districts of Paris. Ten years later, he is working in three of Paris’ most prestigious art institutions at one time.  This summer we were in Paris to see his …

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Jeff Koons at Versailles


Bookmark this website ( for those five minutes when your younger child needs to sit in your office while you finish one last thing. In 2009, Versailles hosted an exhibition of artworks by Jeff Koons and made this website. I love the homepage more than I like Jeff Koons’ work. A horizontal line of images of …

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Olafur Eliasson at Versailles


It’s the chance to run through a cloud. At one moment you are completely seen, running straight towards this mass in the middle of the field. And before you expect it, everyone disappears. The air looks as thick as walls until you break through. My oldest son’s little legs, which previously moved like lead along the approaching …

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An Interview with Stefania Gori

Catharsis by Magdalena Abakanowicz

When my family and I visited the Gori Collection, we learned about the children’s tours designed by Stefania Gori. We took the general tour with our kids, but I saw pictures of children touching and playing with some of the artworks in their bookstore. They were engaging nature and art by pulling out sounds, textures, and …

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How to visit the Gori Collection

The Fallen and the Saved by Robert Morris

During the summer, you can visit Guiliano Gori’s art collection at Fattoria di Celle. The property stretches over 70 acres of diverse rolling landscape. The artworks are all site-specific and thus take on a different feel than other collections in sculpture parks. Each artwork is integrated into the landscape by the artist. The ditches, bridges, fields, and groves …

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3 Female Artists at the DWAC


Today is the last day for the UAB/UA Faculty Exhibition at the Dinah Washington Art Center in Tuscaloosa. I’m disappointed that I just got to the show this week. Included in the exhibition are three female artists that I want to see more from. Jane Cassidy is working in Tuscaloosa making sound and video installations. …

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Getting Inside a Bunker in Berlin


They say the only hills in Berlin are buried Nazi bunkers. Before the Second World War, over 200 bunkers were built to house the entire population of Berlin, 4 million people. Only about twenty bunkers remain, and one of them houses the Boros Art Collection.  Originally built to be an air-raid shelter for nearby train …

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Playlist: Self-Made Playgrounds


Monday, I wrote about how much we enjoyed the playgrounds in Berlin! Our children were not old enough to visit the official “adventure playgrounds,” but they are old enough to start one in our backyard. In preparation for our favorite outdoor season, here is a video playlist on playgrounds from around the world that are built by …

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Berlin: Travel with Kids


After visiting Italy for two weeks, we took our family to Berlin for a few nights. And I can’t wait to go back. I loved that rose gardens and graffiti can go together in Berlin and that there were 5 different playgrounds on the 7 minute walk from out hotel to the KW Institute for Contemporary Art. Below is our basic travel list for …

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