Our Favorite Art Toys for Children of 2016


We live with preschoolers who get excited about games like Go Fish and Trouble. You can find a versions of these games picturing all sorts of characters. There are a few that use images from art history and our children are just as interested in those images as the cartoon animals.  Below are some of our favorite …

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Our Favorite Art Books for Children of 2016


In the last year, Lines-Between has written over forty book reviews on children’s books about art that our whole family enjoys (that includes two old people and two preschoolers). It is difficult to find “art books” for children through Amazon. They are there, but the metadata and algorithms aren’t in our favor. And it is …

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WishList: Activity Books


On a long holiday break, I break out a new activity book for everyone. Coloring books for adults have filled the market. Most of them are too feminine, romantic, or predictable for my taste. However, below is the short list of options that I am choosing for each person in our family. You can see a longer list of art …

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See Turkeys in Art


My children seem ready to jump right into Christmas season, but we have one more week to celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s the holiday sandwiched between the holiday of candy highs and the holiday with all the presents. We have one week to try to simply focus on turkey and gratitude. In this post, Bethany Farrell Rivello, a PhD …

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The East-West House: Noguchi’s Childhood in Japan


Tomorrow is Isamu Noguchi’s birthday. He is one of the most important sculptors and designers of the 20th century. He is Japanese-American, raised by a single mom, and has an entire museum dedicated to his work in Long Island City, NY. In the children’s book “The East-West House,” Christy Hale tells a short story about his childhood. …

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Family Guides at the Aldrich Contemporary


The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is tucked away in a small town in Connecticut.  It was founded over 50 years ago by an influential art collector, Larry Aldrich. Even though this museum is located outside of a major cultural hub, it consistently exhibits ambitious contemporary art. Thus the historic building, quintessential main street, and quiet …

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Art Puzzles for Children


If you want to understand art, then (as Agnes Martin instructs), “You go there and sit and look.” But it is a rare and celebrated moment when my preschoolers sit and just look. That is one of the reasons I really like jigsaw puzzles that picture artworks. We can all just sit and look. There are a few …

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The Best Jigsaw Puzzles by Artists


If you need a jigsaw puzzle, you need one during the epic holiday seasons coming up. Either for a gift or to entertain all the generations getting together to feast. Our children and our grandparents love puzzles. They will peacefully assemble the one’s with fifty kitties snuggling up or snowflakes falling on a cabin. But when you are …

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The James Turrell Skyspace in Nashville


We recently made a second visit to James Turrell’s skyspace in Nashville. James Turrell is one of the greatest American artists of the last century and most of his work is environmental. In other words, they are installations in a landscape or building that do not move easily. For example, at least three of his artworks …

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See Pumpkin in Art

View More: http://kelseyjordanphotography.pass.us/brummondfamily

I’m often trying to show my children that there is more to life than the way you see it. Discovering unclear or unknown perspectives is the play and rigor of art. Today, we’re challenging ourselves to see pumpkins in new ways because… it’s Halloween! Here are the examples that we are looking at from some …

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