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Playlist: Self-Made Playgrounds

Monday, I wrote about how much we enjoyed the playgrounds in Berlin! Our children were not old enough to visit the official “adventure playgrounds,” but they are old enough to start one in our backyard. In preparation for our favorite outdoor season, here is a video playlist on playgrounds from around the world that are built by …

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Berlin: Travel with Kids

After visiting Italy for two weeks, we took our family to Berlin for a few nights. And I can’t wait to go back. I loved that rose gardens and graffiti can go together in Berlin and that there were 5 different playgrounds on the 7 minute walk from out hotel to the KW Institute for Contemporary Art. Below is our basic travel list for …

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“A Sculpture of Spaces” by Isamu Noguchi

While traveling on winter break, we made our first visit to Isamu Noguchi‘s Playscape, a playground and a sculpture. Noguchi made furniture, gardens, dance sets, etc. and collaborated with people like John Cage, Merce Cunningham, and Louis Kahn. He was committed to the social role of art, and playgrounds are a big part of a parent’s social life. In 1976, …

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