Castello di Ama


Driving through the landscape in Chianti is just like the books. You pass vineyards, rolling hills, and bicyclers. Even if you are driving on point, it feels like you are lost (in a good way). Finally, at the top of a hill and the end of the dirt road, we came to a few medieval buildings and very …

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Dorothea’s Eyes by B. Rosenstock


Most of us know Dorothea Lange’s photograph of a migrant mother (pictured above) that came to symbolize the Great Depression. The picture book “Dorothea’s Eyes” by Barb Rosenstock is a short story about Dorothea’s childhood and how she was able to “help us see with our hearts.” The book traces how she overcame obstacles to become a famous …

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Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis


The Laumeier Sculpture Park is located on over 100 acres at the edge of the city of St. Louis.  It was drizzling and muddy when we began our hike through the “Eastern Woodland” section with grandparents and preschoolers. The art park is divided into a few different areas with some mulched and some paved paths. The …

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Sophie Clements


Sophie Clement’s video “Shall I This Time Hold You?” is currently installed in the foyer of the Barbican Centre.  Her work is about chance. It’s about time. It’s about things we can’t control and so much more. When you combine those ideas with breaking concrete, dropping lumber, and explosions, then you have some strong lines between how …

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A Cloud House


  This week in PreK, the theme is weather and my son asks me if we have any “weather toys” in the house. All we have is a few Magic School Bus books (which we love!). But it reminded me of this could house by Matthew Mazzotta. Also, check out these placemats he made in Italy. …

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My Sky Hole by Bukichi Inoue


  When I exited this installation by Bukichi Inoue at the Gori Collection, I heard the wailing of my child. He desperately wanted to go back and do it again! But the timing, the tour, and the group leader told us that we must  stay together and continue on. I let him cry because how many times …

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The Magician’s Park by Gori & Mariotti


Last summer, our family of four went to Europe to chase art. Since we returned, I’ve been writing about our experiences, the art we saw, and the art books we found. And I still have more art from our trip to tell you about! We spent about two weeks in Italy and toured the Gori …

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The Motherhood Discourse


There is a narrative in the professional world of art that equates choosing to be a mother with losing influence and relevance. 51% of visual artists today are women, including half of the granted MFAs in the USA.* However, the representation of women in museums, biennials, or the art market is well documented to be strikingly …

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Pippilotti Rist at the New Museum NYC


This fall and winter, Pippilotti Rist has filled the three main floors of the New Museum with her video installations. The extensive exhibition includes video art from the last thirty years of her acclaimed career. She is from Switzerland and represented by Luhring Augustine Gallery in NYC. Her gallery bio describes her opinion on arts’ task,  “to contribute …

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