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Ruby C. Williams

When my son ran up to the artwork above squealing, Ruby (the artist) said, “What’s wrong with the world now is that kids aren’t happy.”  The painting became the first artwork in my youngest son’s collection. “I am Ruby” is one of the few children’s books that tells the story of a folk artist from the …

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James A. Snipes

I’m slowly building an art collection for each of my sons. I purchased three fish by James A. Buddy Snipes for my oldest son when he turned one. I found Buddy at the Kentuck Festival, an annual festival on folk art that began in the early 1970s. In a short biography written by a Garde Rail Gallery, Buddy explains that as …

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Gift Art Once and All Year

You can give art just like the “Flower of the Month Club.” This is an easy, long-lasting, last minute gift. All year, your grandma, sister, or uncle can wait for the unexpected to hit their mailbox and remind them that what you make is actually very accessible. Below, I’ve listed six services that offer subscriptions to art.  One could …

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