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My Parent and Art: Mark

photo by Marco Bicca

Here, I’m continuing my series of snapshot interviews on children who were raised by players in the art world (artists, curators, historians, critics, etc.). Mark is son of an amazing women, who has worked in sculpture, ballet, and marketing.   What’s your name? Mark Lettieri 2. What’s your current occupation? Guitarist, composer and producer 3. Where did …

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My Parent & Art: Harper


I’ve been told that if I am not careful then my children are going to grow up to be artists. This is just the case for this college student that was raised in a family that loves all forms of art. What’s your name? Harper Leigh Steinbach 2. What’s your current occupation? University Student, Arts school …

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My Parent & Art: Kai

"Arcadia according to Claude with a view of Sellafield Power Station" by Kaori Homma

Since, I’m not the first artist (or art professional) to raise a child, I asked adult children of my colleagues seven short questions on what art was passed down to them. Read Kai’s responses below!   What’s your name? James Kai McLaughlin 2. What’s your current occupation? Bartlett Architecture Student 3. Where did you grow up? …

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My Parent and Art: Morgan


My children and I consume a lot of art together. As they grow up, I see glimpses of how sharing art together affects them. Since, I’m not the first artist (or art professional) to raise a child, I have begun asking adult children of my colleagues how experiencing art from a young age has impacted …

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The Motherhood Discourse


There is a narrative in the professional world of art that equates choosing to be a mother with losing influence and relevance. 51% of visual artists today are women, including half of the granted MFAs in the USA.* However, the representation of women in museums, biennials, or the art market is well documented to be strikingly …

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Site-Specific Art & Attentiveness


In Tuscany, we visited two site-specific art collections, Marco Pallanti’s collection at Castello di Ama and the Gori Collection at Fattoria di Celle. In both cases, the collection is built by commissioning living artists to make a new work for their property. The place becomes part of the artwork. You see both where the artwork is …

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The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse


Eric Carle’s simple board book reads, “I am an artist and I paint…blue horses… orange elephants… and polka dotted donkeys!” My children think it is funny because obviously the horses at the farm are not blue. We know that artists think outside of the box and imagine new things, but it is equally important for engineers, dads, …

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Using Amazon to find Best Selling books on Art


Amazon’s recommendations for children’s books on art will teach you a lot about how to draw, but less about how to make art (and not much about how to see art). Amazon’s top 20 best selling children’s books on Art, Music, & Photography do not include a single story about an artist. Even your heavy hitters, like Picasso, Van …

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Lines Between Parenting and Art

Be Happy

I am better at working than living. I work as an artist and a parent. I have two preschoolers at home. Beyond the basics of food & sleep, they only need to learn to live well. We have no other job than to make beauty out of our community, landscape, and ideas.That means we don’t take …

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