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A Cloud House


  This week in PreK, the theme is weather and my son asks me if we have any “weather toys” in the house. All we have is a few Magic School Bus books (which we love!). But it reminded me of this could house by Matthew Mazzotta. Also, check out these placemats he made in Italy. …

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Documenting Public Art: The Floating Piers in a Book


In June, we visited Christo’s most recent art installation on Lago Iseo in northern Italy. I posted pictures and thoughts about our expierence here. The catalogue, “Christo and Jeanne-Claude: The Floating Piers,” was published in late August and arrived in our mailbox minutes later. Each page is full of crisp, stunning photographs and succinct captions. The book congruously pictures the logistics, …

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The Floating Piers by Christo


“People come from everywhere to walk to nowhere. Not to shop, not to meet friends – they just walk, to nowhere,” commented Christo about the Floating Piers this week. The Floating Piers is Christo’s latest art installation. It is coming to close this weekend after being open for two weeks. I introduced the work here, …

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“A Sculpture of Spaces” by Isamu Noguchi


While traveling on winter break, we made our first visit to Isamu Noguchi‘s Playscape, a playground and a sculpture. Noguchi made furniture, gardens, dance sets, etc. and collaborated with people like John Cage, Merce Cunningham, and Louis Kahn. He was committed to the social role of art, and playgrounds are a big part of a parent’s social life. In 1976, …

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