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About Two Squares by El Lissitzky


About Two Squares is a book for children by Russian artist El Lissitizky that was first published in a dense art journal called “De Stijl” in 1922. The book weaves together the rigor of Lissitizky’s studio art practice with the mode of a children’s picture book. Different than most children’s books, you can read this book and …

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Meet David Hockney by Rose Blake


Meet the Artist: David Hockney is an art activity book illustrated by Rose Blake for Hockney’s current retrospective at the Tate Britain. The illustrations are fresh and unique. The activities invite you to play like you are in Hockney’s studio, giving you a great picture of Hockney and being an artist. Below are snapshots from the book and …

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Castello di Ama: the publications


Castello di Ama publishes small catalogs on each artwork they commission. Full of beautiful photographs, they unwrap the process and trigger the sense of the installation. Since these site-specific artworks won’t be traveling,  I am so glad I brought these thick brochures home. I also picked up a few postcards with simple line drawings of some of …

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Dorothea’s Eyes by B. Rosenstock


Most of us know Dorothea Lange’s photograph of a migrant mother (pictured above) that came to symbolize the Great Depression. The picture book “Dorothea’s Eyes” by Barb Rosenstock is a short story about Dorothea’s childhood and how she was able to “help us see with our hearts.” The book traces how she overcame obstacles to become a famous …

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The Magician’s Park by Gori & Mariotti


Last summer, our family of four went to Europe to chase art. Since we returned, I’ve been writing about our experiences, the art we saw, and the art books we found. And I still have more art from our trip to tell you about! We spent about two weeks in Italy and toured the Gori …

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Art is…


I like Art is… by Bob Raczka for the one page that says, “Art is a tower that isn’t quite straight.” Maybe the question, “What is Art?” is one of those questions you avoid answering for your children. Each page of this book has a possible answer and collectively they give room for a much clearer explanation. This …

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Our Favorite Art Books for Children of 2016


In the last year, Lines-Between has written over forty book reviews on children’s books about art that our whole family enjoys (that includes two old people and two preschoolers). It is difficult to find “art books” for children through Amazon. They are there, but the metadata and algorithms aren’t in our favor. And it is …

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WishList: Activity Books


On a long holiday break, I break out a new activity book for everyone. Coloring books for adults have filled the market. Most of them are too feminine, romantic, or predictable for my taste. However, below is the short list of options that I am choosing for each person in our family. You can see a longer list of art …

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The East-West House: Noguchi’s Childhood in Japan


Tomorrow is Isamu Noguchi’s birthday. He is one of the most important sculptors and designers of the 20th century. He is Japanese-American, raised by a single mom, and has an entire museum dedicated to his work in Long Island City, NY. In the children’s book “The East-West House,” Christy Hale tells a short story about his childhood. …

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750 Years in Paris by Vincent Mahé


You can find Vincent Mahé’s (aka Mr. Bidon) illustrations all over The New Yorker, including the above illustration of the new National Museum of African American History and Culture in D.C. We picked up one his picture books in Paris this summer. 750 Years In Paris is one of my favorite architectural history books. With 60 large scale illustrations, …

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