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A Cloud House


  This week in PreK, the theme is weather and my son asks me if we have any “weather toys” in the house. All we have is a few Magic School Bus books (which we love!). But it reminded me of this could house by Matthew Mazzotta. Also, check out these placemats he made in Italy. …

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Eric Carle at the High

IMG_8727 copy

During my trip to Atlanta, I took my littles to the High Museum of Art. A beautiful museum that I would visit for the architecture, courtyard, and atrium alone. In the lower galleries, there is an exhibition of collages by Eric Carle, a prolific illustrator who is best know for writing The Very Hungry Caterpillar. His first book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What …

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Making our own BLOPs


After encountering Andrew Raffo Dewar’s sound installation and his collaboration with painters, dancers, textile artists, etc. (that I talked about yesterday), I showed my children Hervé Tullet’s BLOP animations. Hervé Tullet writes popular, interactive books. “Press Here” is the one I see in most homes. Like the sound and drawing collaboration between Dewar and Pete Schulte, Tullet’s BLOP animations are another example of how sound translates …

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Little Numen


A few weeks ago, I wrote about the artist collective Numen / For Use (you can see pictures of their work here). They have yet to create a major installation in the USA, so I showed pictures and videos of their work to my children. Then we tested our hand at tape sculpture.

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Children Making Things


The above picture of my child’s artwork is my version of a successful Spring “craft.” When I get out our art supplies it usually starts like you would expect, then it evolves, in this case, into painting on themselves. Next, they decided to paint with mud. Finally, they painted themselves with mud.  In my world, that is a …

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