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Printables: Vik Muniz at the High

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Yesterday, I shared my experience visiting the Vik Muniz retrospective with two preschoolers, including the things we talked about, what they liked best, and how to know when they’ve seen enough. Vik Muniz is a great photographer to introduce to children, who are captivated by the unusual materials, realistic drawings, and eye spy games. They learn to be …

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Vik Muniz at the High

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I recently visited the High Museum of Art with my littles (2 years old & 4 years old). There are quite a few worthwhile exhibitions currently on view. We went to the High to see the Vik Muniz exhibition and that is where we spent most of our time. When we visit as a family we don’t have …

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Eric Carle at the High

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During my trip to Atlanta, I took my littles to the High Museum of Art. A beautiful museum that I would visit for the architecture, courtyard, and atrium alone. In the lower galleries, there is an exhibition of collages by Eric Carle, a prolific illustrator who is best know for writing The Very Hungry Caterpillar. His first book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What …

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Kelly Kristin Jones at the Swan Coach House

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I stopped by Kelly Kristin Jones’ solo exhibition to see the artwork she made at construction sites in Atlanta. If you are a caregiver or parent of truck-crazy preschoolers, Kelly Kristin Jones’ Gray Space exhibition has a moment for you. Kelly Kristin Jones won the 2015-2016 Emerging Artist Award from the Swan Coach House Gallery in Atlanta. She is an Atlanta-based artist with an MFA …

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“A Sculpture of Spaces” by Isamu Noguchi


While traveling on winter break, we made our first visit to Isamu Noguchi‘s Playscape, a playground and a sculpture. Noguchi made furniture, gardens, dance sets, etc. and collaborated with people like John Cage, Merce Cunningham, and Louis Kahn. He was committed to the social role of art, and playgrounds are a big part of a parent’s social life. In 1976, …

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