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Hangar Bicocca: Architecture as Art


One of the smaller spaces at Hangar Bicocca felt like the largest. The fourteen pieces of “architecture” installed in the Shed gallery provided places where we could climb, laugh, and be transported.  Our favorite was made by our homestate heroes, Rural Studio! On their blog, they talk about building a “Forum” for thinking and debating. It is made …

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Hangar Bicocca: Anselm Kiefer


Hangar Bicocca hosts a permanent installation of Anselm Kiefer’s “Seven Heavenly Palaces” (2004-2015). In a warehouse-like space, exists seven towers that are more likely to fall down than reach heaven, as well as five huge paintings. The expansive space feels silent and hollow. After walking the distance, my son commented, “His work is messy, and I don’t …

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Academy of Children


Prada Foundation in Milan produces temporary and permanent artist projects, including a Haunted House by Robert Gober and Louise Bourgeois. The campus is at a 1910 distillery and includes three new buildings designed by OMA architecture. They have a unique program called the Academy of Children. It is the first project at the Prada Foundation dedicated to childhood. On …

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Carsten Höller


Carsten Höller is building a new slide in London. 178 meters in 40 seconds will make it the highest slide in the world. More interestingly, you will be weaving through, around, and down a sculpture by Anish Kapoor. In 2012, Anish Kapoor designed the ArcelorMittal Orbit for the Olympic games. There are some wonderful drawings, studio …

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