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Travel to Gee’s Bend


I had two things on my mind when we started this road trip a few weeks ago. First, I am raising three white boys in Alabama, and I wonder what they will grow up to think about race and power. Second, I am so loved. My partner-in-crime surprised us by arranging an adventure to see …

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Anish Kapoor


“One of the constants in the work of Anish Kapoor is the creation of openings on the crust of the world,” says Pier Luigi Tazzi (source). Earlier this week, I wrote about our experience of Anish Kapoor’s artwork “Aima.” His whirlpool “Descension” is in Brooklyn Bridge Park all summer. Below are more moments of descension and ascension the …

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Anish Kapoor at Castello di Ama


In 2004, Anish Kapoor opened up the floor of this chapel at Castello di Ama. I visited it last summer with my husband and two preschool aged boys. I’ve been writing about our trip for a while, including my experience touring this art collection and winery. Walking into the oldest chapel in the village, there is …

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The Confession of Zero by Sugimoto


Castello di Ama is winery located in a very small hamlet in Tuscany. Over the last 17 years, the owners have commissioned remarkable site-specific artworks. I wrote about our visit with our family in an earlier post. I highly recommend this stop in Italy with or without your children. One of the more recent commissions in the collection …

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Sophie Clements


Sophie Clement’s video “Shall I This Time Hold You?” is currently installed in the foyer of the Barbican Centre.  Her work is about chance. It’s about time. It’s about things we can’t control and so much more. When you combine those ideas with breaking concrete, dropping lumber, and explosions, then you have some strong lines between how …

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3 Female Artists at the DWAC


Today is the last day for the UAB/UA Faculty Exhibition at the Dinah Washington Art Center in Tuscaloosa. I’m disappointed that I just got to the show this week. Included in the exhibition are three female artists that I want to see more from. Jane Cassidy is working in Tuscaloosa making sound and video installations. …

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Robert Morris


While we are in Tuscany, we have plans to visit the Gori Collection, where they have seven artworks by Robert Morris. Robert Morris began working during the Minimalist, Process Art, and Earth Art movements in the 60s and 70s. He both contributes to how we understand them and is making something totally different. His work challenges the …

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At Work with Christo


We are preparing to see Christo’s installation, and the construction photos on his website are perfect for my little boys. Not only do they help us comprehend the scale, but they are also inspire them to build different kinds of things with their own mini-trucks. Click on any image to get more information about the project or image. …

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Christo: Floating Piers


All four of us are headed Italy to walk on water! Floating Piers is Christo’s newest installation, and his first large scale project since The Gates in NYC in 2005. The pictures of the site and construction on his website are a great way to introduce the project to my children. The hard hats and scuba gear from those …

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