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Paris: Travel with Kids


Sail wooden toy boats, play soccer in the parks, and have a sword fight with baguettes… these are just a few of the new memories we made when we took our children to Paris. We’ve been to the city a few times without children and once with a 6 month old. Even though we were …

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750 Years in Paris by Vincent Mahé


You can find Vincent Mahé’s (aka Mr. Bidon) illustrations all over The New Yorker, including the above illustration of the new National Museum of African American History and Culture in D.C. We picked up one his picture books in Paris this summer. 750 Years In Paris is one of my favorite architectural history books. With 60 large scale illustrations, …

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Making Art for Kids: JR in Paris


JR is an artist who started by working on the streets. His first project to hit the headlines was in 2006, when he pasted huge portraits of “thugs” in the bourgeois districts of Paris. Ten years later, he is working in three of Paris’ most prestigious art institutions at one time.  This summer we were in Paris to see his …

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Olafur Eliasson at Versailles


It’s the chance to run through a cloud. At one moment you are completely seen, running straight towards this mass in the middle of the field. And before you expect it, everyone disappears. The air looks as thick as walls until you break through. My oldest son’s little legs, which previously moved like lead along the approaching …

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JR Pompidou vs. Louvre


JR made two site-specific installations in Paris this summer that I am excited to visit. The first is at the Louvre. It opened on May 25th, including a 24 hour performance event, and in less than a week has over 100 news articles reporting on it. I followed along on Instagram, and it looked like so …

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Picasso and Minou


We recently added Paris to our summer itinerary, and I am obviously excited! We are reading this book to get in the mood.  You can expect more posts coming up soon about artists and books that are getting us ready for our family trip to Europe. Picasso and Minou by P.I. Maltbie and illustrated by Pau Estrada …

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Babar’s Gallery is Closed on Mondays


In a recent book review, I mentioned that I pulled out my stack of Paris books to peruse for a friend. This is another one I’m glad I snagged. The book Babar’s Gallery by Laurent de Brunhoff is inspired by the Musée d’Orsay. How did art museums get here and why? This book is a fictional re-telling of how …

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How We Feel About the Louvre


  The Louvre is a great museum. It probably always will be, but I think most people just visit to check it off their to-do list. The first time I visited, I sat happily in the atrium admiring the light and glass and rush of people. I purchased a Mona Lisa memo pad and left. Six …

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