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Travel to Gee’s Bend


I had two things on my mind when we started this road trip a few weeks ago. First, I am raising three white boys in Alabama, and I wonder what they will grow up to think about race and power. Second, I am so loved. My partner-in-crime surprised us by arranging an adventure to see …

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Castello di Ama


Driving through the landscape in Chianti is just like the books. You pass vineyards, rolling hills, and bicyclers. Even if you are driving on point, it feels like you are lost (in a good way). Finally, at the top of a hill and the end of the dirt road, we came to a few medieval buildings and very …

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Paris: Travel with Kids


Sail wooden toy boats, play soccer in the parks, and have a sword fight with baguettes… these are just a few of the new memories we made when we took our children to Paris. We’ve been to the city a few times without children and once with a 6 month old. Even though we were …

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The James Turrell Skyspace in Nashville


We recently made a second visit to James Turrell’s skyspace in Nashville. James Turrell is one of the greatest American artists of the last century and most of his work is environmental. In other words, they are installations in a landscape or building that do not move easily. For example, at least three of his artworks …

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Olafur Eliasson at Versailles


It’s the chance to run through a cloud. At one moment you are completely seen, running straight towards this mass in the middle of the field. And before you expect it, everyone disappears. The air looks as thick as walls until you break through. My oldest son’s little legs, which previously moved like lead along the approaching …

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How to visit the Gori Collection

The Fallen and the Saved by Robert Morris

During the summer, you can visit Guiliano Gori’s art collection at Fattoria di Celle. The property stretches over 70 acres of diverse rolling landscape. The artworks are all site-specific and thus take on a different feel than other collections in sculpture parks. Each artwork is integrated into the landscape by the artist. The ditches, bridges, fields, and groves …

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Playlist: Self-Made Playgrounds


Monday, I wrote about how much we enjoyed the playgrounds in Berlin! Our children were not old enough to visit the official “adventure playgrounds,” but they are old enough to start one in our backyard. In preparation for our favorite outdoor season, here is a video playlist on playgrounds from around the world that are built by …

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Berlin: Travel with Kids


After visiting Italy for two weeks, we took our family to Berlin for a few nights. And I can’t wait to go back. I loved that rose gardens and graffiti can go together in Berlin and that there were 5 different playgrounds on the 7 minute walk from out hotel to the KW Institute for Contemporary Art. Below is our basic travel list for …

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