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Making Art for Kids: JR in Paris


JR is an artist who started by working on the streets. His first project to hit the headlines was in 2006, when he pasted huge portraits of “thugs” in the bourgeois districts of Paris. Ten years later, he is working in three of Paris’ most prestigious art institutions at one time.  This summer we were in Paris to see his …

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Jeff Koons at Versailles


Bookmark this website (www.jeffkoonsversailles.com) for those five minutes when your younger child needs to sit in your office while you finish one last thing. In 2009, Versailles hosted an exhibition of artworks by Jeff Koons and made this website. I love the homepage more than I like Jeff Koons’ work. A horizontal line of images of …

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Olafur Eliasson at Versailles


It’s the chance to run through a cloud. At one moment you are completely seen, running straight towards this mass in the middle of the field. And before you expect it, everyone disappears. The air looks as thick as walls until you break through. My oldest son’s little legs, which previously moved like lead along the approaching …

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JR Pompidou vs. Louvre


JR made two site-specific installations in Paris this summer that I am excited to visit. The first is at the Louvre. It opened on May 25th, including a 24 hour performance event, and in less than a week has over 100 news articles reporting on it. I followed along on Instagram, and it looked like so …

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Numen / For Use


Numen / For Use is a collective from Croatia, working in conceptual art and spatial design. Their art installations are grouped by the materials: tape, string, tuft, etc. But the works are more about the social space that is created. Above is a photograph of a model from the collaborative’s website. The model is a proposed installation …

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