I Don’t Want to See My Neighbors Anymore by Carlos Garaicoa

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My 3 year old took off weaving through this installation. Even though most of the walls came up to his waist (at most his shoulders), he suddenly started wailing because he felt trapped between the Great Wall of China and the Berlin Wall. 

“Yo no quiero ver mas a mis vecinos,” (I Don’t Want to See My Neighbors Anymore) is a playful and problematic installation. Cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa created this permanent artwork for Castello di Ama in 2006. It is situated on a hill in Tuscany, overlooking vineyards, olive groves and ancient walls. We easily identified miniature versions of historical walls and familiar places like the border between Mexico and the USA. As we jumped over each wall, they felt powerless. But the installation is really all about power.


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