Castello di Ama: the publications

Castello di Ama publishes small catalogs on each artwork they commission. Full of beautiful photographs, they unwrap the process and trigger the sense of the installation. Since these site-specific artworks won’t be traveling,  I am so glad I brought these thick brochures home. I also picked up a few postcards with simple line drawings of some of the artworks. Here are two examples of the catalogs:


IMG_5584 IMG_5585

5″ x 9″ brochure cataloging Louise Bourgeois’ artwork “Topiary” for Castello di Ama. Folds out showing photographs of the construction and installation process. When it is completely unfolded it is a poster size image of the artwork.





Above is pictured a 10″ x 8″ brochure unfolds to a poster size picture of Kendell Geer’s installatoin “NOITU(LOVE)R” It was installed in the ancient cellars in 2003. And below is my collection of 4″x6″ postcard designed by Yocci for Castello di Ama



“Confession of Zero” by Sugimoto, which I can’t wait to tell you about soon!
"Aima" by Anish Kapoor, which I can't wait to tell you about soon!
“Aima” by Anish Kapoor, which I can’t wait to tell you about soon!


Carlos Garaicoa’s installation, which I am also writing about soon!



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