Hew Locke: Counting

What do we do in art museums with a preschooler? A lot of counting. We count monkeys, mirrors, animals, hats, etc. It’s surprisingly fun. The monkeys in the video above are part of an installation by Hew Locke. Below are a few more examples of his work, including public art in a field, a church, and Trafalgar Square (proposal only). The photosynth image documents “Jurors,”  a new public sculpture celebrating the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta (produced by Situations). We visited Hew Locke’s installation at the Newcomb Art Museum in New Orleans. You can currently see his work in New York, Hong Kong, or London.

hew locke

hew locke

Hew locke

You can see my growing list of art books on counting here.


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