Picasso and Minou


We recently added Paris to our summer itinerary, and I am obviously excited! We are reading this book to get in the mood.  You can expect more posts coming up soon about artists and books that are getting us ready for our family trip to Europe.

Picasso and Minou by P.I. Maltbie and illustrated by Pau Estrada is an almost true story about Picasso’s Blue Period and Rose Period. The time between when he didn’t sell any art and the time when he did sell art. My four year old likes that it is a story about Paris. And the illustrations clearly place you in that city. My two year old likes that it is a story about a cat. Teachers like that it is about Picasso. Caregivers like that it is a story about compassion and hospitality. And I like the subtext about artists who need communities and communities who need artists.


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