Bascule Chambers

tower bridge

Iain Chambers inside the bascule chambers © Steve Stills

The first ever public art event inside the bascule chambers of the Tower Bridge took place in September 2015 as part of the Totally Thames. To reach one of the twelve sold out performances, visitors and performers walked hundreds of steps beneath the bridge to the massive caverns where the counterweights swing when the bridge opens. The sounds from the street (and river) echoed inside as the brass players and mezzo-soprano preformed.

“We performed it (John Cage’s Aria) in front of a number of two- and three-year-olds, and they totally got it. It really stops you pigeonholing your audience when you see toddlers taking so much pleasure from hearing John Cage,” says Iain Chambers, composer of Bascule Chambers. (source) You can see a short video documentary and thorough notes about the project on Chambers’ website or listen to his interview below.



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