Meet David Hockney by Rose Blake

Meet the Artist: David Hockney is an art activity book illustrated by Rose Blake for Hockney’s current retrospective at the Tate Britain. The illustrations are fresh and unique. The activities invite you to play like you are in Hockney’s studio, giving you a great picture of Hockney and being an artist. Below are snapshots from the book and some videos of David Hockney’s work. You won’t see any pictures of my children enjoying the book because it is just over their head. I think they will get more out of it in a year or two (1st grade and up). The exhibition is up in London through the end of the month and will travel to Paris and NYC. It will be at the Met in November. I highly recommend the “Meet the Artist” series that Tate publishes (I have two!).



Blake illustrates story boarding Hockney-style
activity page for drawing texture while also observing how much Hockney loved water

Blake’s LA maze to Hockney’s house

If you can’t get to London, Paris, or NYC for the exhibition, dive into these books and videos to get to know his artwork at home.


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