Christo: Floating Piers

by Christo

All four of us are headed Italy to walk on water! Floating Piers is Christo’s newest installation, and his first large scale project since The Gates in NYC in 2005. The pictures of the site and construction on his website are a great way to introduce the project to my children. The hard hats and scuba gear from those pictures really build their excitement for the project! If you are new to Christo’s work, take a quick browse of his table of contents page. The photographs are stunning. Here are a few more from Floating Piers.

During a secret life-size test in Germany, the team tries to find the right color and right amount of extra fabric to meet Christo’s requirements, August 2014 Photo: Wolfgang Volz
During the life-size test at Montecolino, Christo is obviously delighted as the piers undulate with the movement of the waves, Lake Iseo, October 2015 Photo: Wolfgang Volz
Drawing by Christo


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