Labyrinths near Siena

During our time in Tuscany, we are going to be close to these labyrinths. We plan to get lost in them and vote on our favorite. I wrote about why my children and I seek out both mazes and labyrinths in February. Read that post to find a longer list of mazes/labyrinths created by artists. And keep following along this summer to hear about our experiences in Europe.

robert morris

Robert Morris’ 1982 Labyrinth at Fattoria Celle.


Jeff Saward’s 1976 Labyrinth at the Chianti Sculpture Park. 


Daniel Spoerri’s 1996/1998 Labyrinth at Il Gardino di Daniel Spoerri.



Porsenna’s Labyrinth is a network of underground tunnels that take about 30 minutes to navigate.


duomo siena

The Duomo in Siena has a labyrinth on the floor.

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