Make Painting with Littles Easy

Believe or not, it’s mess-free painting with a 1 year old! I can’t believe that my youngest is one. As the 3rd child, he is super eager to get involved in projects. Instead of passing him the paints, we started using Chinese water painting paper. It’s like the buddha board or water wow products, but less expensive and simpler. The package we ordered comes with 3 sheets of reusable paper that you can paint on with water. Using a paint brush and water, your strokes can emulate Chinese ink paintings. After a few minutes they disappear, and you are ready to practice a new painting.  So far the one year old, six year old, and 40 year old enjoy painting together with no mess. In the past, we enjoyed our water wow painting books. They are great for traveling, but we had trouble with them holding up. The paper we are using is 13″ x 9.5″. I can’t tell you how long this paper will last, but I appreciate that it provides space for them to imagine their own drawings. Here is the link for the “Magic Water Paper” that’s giving me a break from managing all the paints and the mess, but still allowing my children to enjoy their art studio.

I’m not being sponsored to tell you this, but if you purchase it from this link then I will get a very small kick back.


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