James A. Snipes


I’m slowly building an art collection for each of my sons. I purchased three fish by James A. Buddy Snipes for my oldest son when he turned one. I found Buddy at the Kentuck Festival, an annual festival on folk art that began in the early 1970s. In a short biography written by a Garde Rail Gallery, Buddy explains that as a child he made things because he wanted to play. Then he began to make things because he liked them. He continues to make things now because he needs the income. One reason I purchased his artworks was because of the way he named each of his fish.  I want my baby to grow up dreaming like that. The first piece in my second son’s collection also came from Kentuck.  It’s important for them to know the voices in this community. I’ll introduce the piece he picked out soon.

buddy snipes

james buddy snipes


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