What did we see at the Chianti Sculpture Park?


The Chianti region of Tuscany is best known for it’s wine. Traversing from Florence and Siena, many people detour off the highway to the windy roads and rolling hills found here. During our tour, my three year old and I stopped at the Chianti Sculpture Park. There are over 26 artists represented, but there were two artworks that he wanted to go through over and over and over… A glass labyrinth by Jeff Saward and sound installation about Siena by William Furlong. This was one of those rare times when my child begged to see more art. “One more time, please.”

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I learned about the Chianti Sculpture Park from ArtTrav, a great blog about Italy and art. The trail that navigates the mostly wooded 17 acres is hilly, but my three year old and I could hike it without a stroller. As you approach the park from the main road, there is a large art gallery across the street. It is associated with the park, but to find this trail and the sculptures, you want to turn the other direction up a small gravel road. To find more detailed information and download their app, see their website.

artwork by Johannes Pfeiffer
artwork by Kamal Tufan


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