Our Favorite Art Books for Children of 2016

In the last year, Lines-Between has written over forty book reviews on children’s books about art that our whole family enjoys (that includes two old people and two preschoolers). It is difficult to find “art books” for children through Amazon. They are there, but the metadata and algorithms aren’t in our favor. And it is almost impossible to find them in our local bookstores. We have sifted through stacks of art books for children that are only interesting if you have to write a research paper. And we differentiated between books for children that emphasize creativity as an end in itself and books that build off the creative work of artists and architects. The stories we tell our children define how they see themselves and the world they are in. That’s why we teach them any histories, but artists have their own ways of seeing, transgressing, and feeding our souls that inspire us all.

It was hard to narrow down, but here is a list of our favorite-favorites in alphabetical order (and here are all the reviews). Click on any picture to purchase it from Amazon. We have so many more books to share with you in 2017!



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