Hangar Bicocca: Architecture as Art



One of the smaller spaces at Hangar Bicocca felt like the largest. The fourteen pieces of “architecture” installed in the Shed gallery provided places where we could climb, laugh, and be transported.  Our favorite was made by our homestate heroes, Rural Studio! On their blog, they talk about building a “Forum” for thinking and debating. It is made out of bales of paper from a local recycling plant that will be returned to the process at the end of the exhibition. Thus the architecture has little to no waste.


hide and go seek!


Below are pictures from “Sidewalk” by El Equipo de Mazzanti and “Entrance” by Maria Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo. These two pieces of art-architecture invited us to play. And the play led us to new ideas and relationships. My children don’t always articulate the ideas, but they do remind me to play well. You can see a live view of “Sidewalk” on http://playthewall.net/

P1040510 P1040530P1040509P1040520   P1040497

At the museum, we also visited Anselm Kiefer’s permanent installation and Carston Höller’s exhibition “Doubt.” See our take here and here. After going through the entire museum, the littles were offered the chance to go back and see one artwork. They chose the art-architecture by Rural Studio. A piece we would definitely like to see as a public forum in our home town or just a place to play in our backyard. For more photographs of the exhibition, check out the post by Designboom.


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