The Legacy of Keith Haring’s Pop Shop


At our house, we have a growing collection of books, games, and toys that reflect what we love about art. Some “Art for kids” stuff is more fun than others. Some is just hard to find.  I’ll start sharing some of our favorites soon. First, what is not hard to find is Keith Haring stuff!

The Keith Haring Foundation publishes, with over 200 lesson plans incorporating his work into a variety of subjects. During his lifetime, Haring did workshops for kids, created murals in children’s hospitals, and printed his own activity books. In 1986, he opened the “Pop Shop,” where he sold his t-shirts, buttons etc. You might have seen his work on Sesame Street, Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet tour, or the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  If you are interested in learning more about Keith Haring, check out “The Universe of Keith Haring” on Netflix.  Also, an exhibition of his work, “Keith Haring, The Political Line” is on at Kunsthal Rotterdam through February 2016.



Keith Haring

“Crack is Wack Playground” on HuffPost
Keith Haring float that hit the NBC booth during the Macy’s parade


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