Numen / For Use

Numen / For Use Hasselt

numen for use paris palais de tokyo

numen for use paris

palais de tokyo dezeen

tape copenhagen

Numen / For Use Linz

Numen / For Use Linz

art installation in innsbruck

Numen / For Use is a collective from Croatia, working in conceptual art and spatial design. Their art installations are grouped by the materials: tape, string, tuft, etc. But the works are more about the social space that is created. Above is a photograph of a model from the collaborative’s website. The model is a proposed installation for the recesses of Palais de Tokyo, one of my favorite places in Paris. You can click on any image to get more information about the artwork. This post is part of a series that features artworks that help me and my children dream bigger, ask harder questions, and look deeper in our daily life together. Recent installations by Numen / For Use are what I call “art worth living.” Their work “String Vienna” is also included in my round up of best bouncy castles.


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