Hudson, New York


Before visiting Art Omi, a rural art center and sculpture park, we spent the morning exploring Hudson, New York. Hudson is the perfect combination of Manhattan standards with hippie vibes and farm fresh food. We started the day by taking our children to the FASNY Museum of Firefighting, and they still ask when we are going back. The 50,000 square feet of firefighting gear and 90 firetrucks (or firewagons) were remarkable. Mostly, they loved the handful of “discovery trucks” in the back of the museum. They dressed up as firefighters and climbed on real trucks. They also enjoyed the obstacle course/indoor playground, where they learned how to fight fires. We got there right when the museum opened and had the place to ourselves for an hour or two. As we were leaving, a line was quickly forming at the ticket desk.




The museum store had an extensive collection of firefighting toys and books. We picked up one lego book, but our favorite firefighter book is “Even Firefighters go to the Potty” by Wendy Wax. Afterwards, we drove back downtown, where we walked to the Riverfront Park playground and ate lunch. For more information about Hudson, read this short itinerary by Jeralyn Gerba or weekend escape plan in the NYTimes. You can read about the rest of our trip in earlier posts on New York City, Dia Beacon, Storm King, Tannersville, and Art Omi.


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