Favorite Books about New York

We spent one week traveling with our two preschoolers from New York City to Hudson. We focused on visiting art at sculpture parks because our two little boys love being outside (and we wanted to see art). Books help us prepare for new experiences, and remember our adventures. These are the books about New York that we continue to pick up all year.

The Itinerary for our 2015 New York Tour of Sculpture Parks *with children

Day 1: New York City
Day 2: New York City
Day 3: Dia, Beacon
Day 4: Tannersville
Day 5: Storm King
Day 6: Art Omi & Hudson

The Books


  1. My four year old loves pop-up books. And this one is great for getting to know the city. Unlike some other books about the city, it includes the High Line and the New Museum!
  2. If your children are too young for pop-up books, then the this board book may suit you better. I chose it for the illustrations and the cut-outs.

  1. The Man Who Walked Between Two Towers is a story about a tight rope walker who actually walked between the two World Trade Center towers. It was written after 9/11 and notes that they are not there now. It is also a Caldecott Medal winner. The movie version of this story is Man on Wire.
  2. I reviewed Micawber earlier on the blog, here. We love this story about Central Park and the Met.
  3. My Subway Ride is a poem about the subway, one of our children’s favorite attractions.
  4. Alphabet City is a board book that highlights the beauty of the streets (or walls). And a refreshing take on learning your ABC’s.


  1. The first coloring book is for the little boys.
  2. The second coloring book is for my husband.
  3. The last coloring book is for me. It includes drawings by Ed Ruscha, Lawrence Weiner, Sean Landers, Jim Lambie and Raymond Pettibon.

Click on any picture in this post to purchase the book from Amazon or see my whole New York list here.



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